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Birbyne (SKU #10041)
US $520.00
Delivered within 3-4 weeks
  • The prototype of the chalumeau employed by the “Lithuania” Company is the small horn. Its tube was wooden, 25-30 cm. Long, with 5-7 holes and a tied reed-togue. Its bell was made of a ram, ox, cow or kid horn. The timbre of the small horn was of two kinds: blowing softly – very sweet and pleasant, reminding that of the cor anglais, whereas blowing hard – sharp and penetrating. The compass of an instrument depended on its length as well as the number and position of holes. The first octave sounded best of all. While blowing the little horn one could produce various song and dance melodies, sutartinės and improvisations – trills.
    A keen interest in the chalumeau as a potential instrument was displayed when it had almost disappeared from folk music yielding to the clarinet and the concertina. The chalumeau was blown then only by shepherds and old people who remembered the end of the 19th century when a great many folk musicians performed on the chalumeau folk dances, songs, sutartinės and other melodies.
  • Soprano range
    Reed for mouth piece NOT INCLUDED (suggested reed - RICO or VANDOREN for clarinet, size 2.5 or 3)
  • Vilnius, Lithuania

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