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Youth Choir (SKU #1307)

This item is no longer available
  • Choir music is the oldest genre of Latvian professional music. In the context of the world culture, it pictures our national image. Modern in its form and contemporary in interpretation -it is appreciated both in Latvia and abroad, and provides an excellent opportunity to make the world acquainted with the particularity of our traditional music highlighted by remarkable professionality and the outstanding quality of performance.
    The choir "Balsis" invites you to join them in an exciting trip through the musical landscape of the Baltic countries. First you will enter the gallery of Latvian classical choir music masterpieces, dominated by romantic and poignant atmosphere rather than present by mere necessity of reference ("The Summer Night" by J. Medins, "To the Muse" by P. Barisons, "The Deserted Church" by J. Kalnins), as well as witness the emotional depth of symbolical dedication to the nation that suffered the disastrous consequences of Soviet occupation ("Our Father" by L. Garuta).
    Further on you will be surprised to discover the diversity of the latest trends in Baltic choir music - the overview of contemporary compositions will inevitably make you feel the taste of Baltic mentality, the manifestation of which you are likely to find either in the patriotic but nevertheless subtle piece "To my Folk" by P .Vasks, and in the spirituality of A. Part`s "Magnificat", and in the beauty of sincerity of "Heliseb valjadel" by U. Sisask and simplicity of "Ave Maris Stella". However, the proof of our variety of characters is the impressive explosion of "Kommedia dell arte", bursting out energy and joy (Lithuanian composer V. Barkauskas). A secret to find out - the most beloved piece of the choir, often repeated at the end of concerts is...the sweet tune of the Latvian Lullaby, which never yet has met an indifferent audience.

    J. Vitols, Wanderer`s Night-Song
    Jazeps Medins, Summer Evening
    P. Barisons, To the Muse
    J. Kalnins, The Deserted Church
    L. Garuta, Our Father
    P. Dambis, When the Evening Comes
    J. Karlsons, Ave Maris Stella
    P. Vasks, To my Folk
    J. Vaivods, Dedication
    J. Lusens, Latvian Lullaby
    A. Part, Magnificat
    U. Sisask, Heliseb valjadel
    V. Barkauskas, Kommedia dell arte
    arranged by V.Tormis, Vastlad (Winter Solstice Folksong)
    arr. R. Skulte, Here I sing and Jubilate
    arr. A. Kuprisa, Sun, Attire Yourself in Silver
    arr. Ald. Kalnins, Where you Go, Chanticleer? (Kur tu teci), arr. J. Vaivods, Kalado (Winter Solstice Folksong)
    arr. J. Vaivods, Sleep, my Little Bride
    arr. J. Cimze, Raven on the Oak-Tree
    BALSIS speaking...

  • CD, mostly in Latvian
  • 1999, Riga, LATVIA

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