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Ezeras ir kiti ji lydintis asmenys by Donaldas Kajokas (SKU #13635)
US $20.00
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  • "Lake and other persons accompanying them" - the second well-known poet of the National Culture and Arts Prize winner Donald Kajokas novel. It identified the most recent poetry collection "deaf donkey" and the first novel Kazašas' motives and intonation. Thirty programmer Gabriel Aušautas after brother's death having decided to find peace of mind in an old manor house on the lake, as if placed eighteenth century atmosphere, where there are almost no traces of the modern world. Creating a unique magic space shining through the cracks of reality Otherworld, and the next real actors flock nesybės. Actor independent person, perhaps, be considered, and the pursuit of "consciousness easily Hallucinate Lake. Everyday Life does not last perturb mysterious events, the separation between beings from nesybių, you are not does not go. Upon reaching a strange life to create, Gabriel tries to discern a very simple and commonplace civilization peel forfeited sense.
  • In Lithuanian, hardcover, 280 p., 8-7/8" x 6" (22 x 15cm)
  • Vilnius, Lithuania

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