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Lengviausias by Rasa Askinyte (SKU #13650)
US $20.00
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  • Roman Lengviausias - the second writer Rasos Aškinytės invitation "to go into the novel (the first - Fog intact - appeared in 2009., Tyto alba). Once a writer raised two parrots. One ill she was infuriated that even here all sorts of parrots will die, and threw the Thais through a window out. Another author considered the horse a dog. Silver Great Dane. She wears a string of silver bracelets. It's her life. In addition, grow cactus grove - Mexico around the pots. And her table guests burnt F. G. Lorca verse. The author is a lot of work, a lot of studying. Frequently travels to Kosovo and another Yugoslavia. She wrote a number of philosophy, ethics textbook, a children's book (Almost frogs, 2009, KRONTA). Her first novel Smoky damage received praise from readers and writers. The author's style is characterized by an elegant (self) irony and cynicism, humor and blackish "Sadly joy" poetics of longing and restrained (words and people) play. As the poet said N. Petrošius, fun to meet the author, who took a step to the literature at the scene, not journalism, not of the kitchen, and from philosophy. And that means - out of mind and freedom. "So this novel - the easiest way to get rid of literary apathy. Blanca lives in a wooden house on the second floor. It can be reached only exquisitely painted ladder. Blanka believes that's probably because, and do not receive guests - who would "agree to climb the ladder ... The most days it makes France. No, unreal ... If someone confesses Blanca loving it believes that it is only due to the fact that that one "more even no what to say." Usually it's like deliberately notice the everyday utensils or strange people. Such strange - like a certain ... Blanka is filled with other life - lovers, best friends, neighbors ... As if others thought it look myself. As if the only other glimpse of themselves recognize. "I tried to never do anything not to have hands, I wanted to be always ready. That if someone accidentally would agree and would like to hug, cuddle with his whole body, I could easily do it. "" The next morning I woke up much better mood. Do not wash, never nesiprausiu when a good mood. Why wash if you do not wash? "Lying and looking at the moon. And he does not look at me, I see it clearly. "Really, I usually do not have anything to say, and talking non-stop. For all occasions I had prepared the cable glands. Just ask what me and nebenutildysite. You'll learn everything - where I was, what I want, when I got up, what hurt now or hurt you a year ago, what to buy, what to read, what I love, what I eat. Another would add a couple of memories from my childhood, I would tell what I have plans. This is disgusting. To whom it may concern? "Did not have anything to do, then kissed. I think it's a great time authorization form. Much better than, for example, fish. "
  • In Lithuanian, paperback, 232 p., 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" (21 x 14cm)
  • Vilnius, Lithuania

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