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Akvile: Neprasyk auksines zuveles plauti indu by Akvile Zavisaite (SKU #13544)
US $29.00
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  • Akvile Zavišaitė (1962-1991) - a bright personality and an interesting artist who left a distinctive mark on the history of Lithuanian art. Her life is turned into a legend and original art works exhibited in Lithuania, Australia and the United States of America, Audrina has the imagination of people. This book - a story about Akvilė her own words.
    Daughters Rita Baltušytės collect letters to relatives and friends becomes the scene becomes exciting life story. It's like a novel, letters, set to grow in three continents: the story of everyday life of Soviet Lithuania, at the time of the first steps of immigrants in Australia and attempt to establish themselves there, nuklystama the United States. And then - a glimpse into Lithuania and the world is already a mature man's eyes. Authentic texts show a sophisticated twentieth-century period, the young artist's desire to understand the mysteries of art, grow and survive in life vortices.
    "Actors" - the world scattered family members, friends, Lithuania, Australia and America - all with his dramatic fate and mystery. But the strongest thread uniting all - and her mother Akvilė connection. Their closeness, even being far away, open chat about anything not leave anybody indifferent. Although the life of a truly tragic denouement of the novel, bright optimism Akvilė strengthens the belief that everything is destined to human experience makes sense.
    Messages complement memories, photos, reproductions of works and Aquila, childhood drawings.
  • In Lithuanian, paperback, 487 p., 9-1/2" x 6-1/2" (24 x 16cm)
  • Vilnius, Lithuania

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