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Chocolate Truffle Collection Riga (SKU #6563)
US $15.00
Delivered within 2-3 weeks
  • Riga truffles collection 12 pcs
    • Apple cinnamon truffle (Milk chocolate with cinnamon cream, garnished with dried apple pieces)
    • Calvados truffle (Dark chocolate truffle with calvados cream, garnished with dark chocolate pieces)
    • Matcha green tea truffle(Dark chocolate truffle with green tea cream, garnished with milk chocolate pieces)
    • Passion fruit truffle(Dark chocolate with passion fruit cream, garnished with pieces of passion fruit)
    • Tiramisu truffle(Milk chocolate truffle with tiramisu-rum cream, garnished with bits of crunchy biscuits)
    • Mascarpone Raspberry truffle(Milk chocolate truffle with mascarpone cream, garnished with raspberry pieces)
    • Caramel truffle(Milk chocolate truffle with caramel cream, garnished with waffle crunchies)
    • Zabaglione truffle(Dark chocolate truffle with zabaglione cream, garnished with dark chocolate pieces)
    • Cherry truffle(Milk chocolate truffle with cherry cream, garnished with cherry pieces)
    • Plum truffle(Milk chocolate truffle with Ciambella cream garnished, with bits of dried plums)
    • Orange truffle(Milk chocolate truffle with orange cream, garnished with orange pieces)
    • Vanilla Mango truffle(Dark chocolate truffle with vanilla cream, garnished with mango pieces)

    This product does not ship to Australia, New Zealand, Japan or China

  • Weight 3.5 oz
  • Made in Latvia

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