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Artimos sviesos
Lowlights (SKU #13307)

US $20.00
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  • LOW LIGHTS is an urban road movie about two men and a woman allied by one night car trip in the city streets. TADAS (33) and LAURA (33) are a long-married couple with no children. They both work in an insurance company, have recently moved into a new flat that is still being upholstered, leased a new car. They seem to have achieved a lot in life already, however, their relationship has turned into a mere cold formality. TADAS is indifferent to his job and his evenings are spent clicking the TV remote. LAURA is climbing the steps of her career and keeps working longer just to come home later. One usual workday, TADAS accidentally bumps into his former classmate. LINAS (33) had emigrated some time ago hoping to earn more money but it is already a couple of months that he is back, as he puts it himself, on holidays. LINAS introduces himself as an independent architect and offers TADAS his help with the never-ending work on his flat. The same night LINAS invites TADAS to hang out in the city. It is Monday night. Instead of a glass of beer in a bar, LINAS offers to tour the city streets in a car and slowly reveals the rituals of “night-driving” – driving the same streets one takes to work, draw only two litres of gas just to have a reason to stop at another petrol station, speed the dark suburban roads with the lights out… At first, Tadas finds all of this silly and weird rather than romantic. However, the situation changes as the men encounter a stunning stranger woman. LINAS is in fascination, whereas TADAS astonished – the mysterious beauty is his wife LAURA… This is a story of people doomed for loneliness, trapped by the routine of a modern city life, longing for closeness, romance and sincerity. Made-up night driving rituals provoke to create a new universe. The banal and familiar maze of streets re-emerges with fresh unworn sensations, warm and human. Their night journey is short as a blink of an eye yet it allows diving into adventures yet unexperienced, discovering forgotten love and hope… Be it just for one short summer night. Additional material: a film about filmmaking, photo gallery, movie soundtrack (in a separate CD)
  • Language: Lithuanian, German Subtitles: English, German Genre: Drama
  • Vilnius, Lithuania.

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