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Dainius Pulauskas Sextet
Autumn Suite (SKU #1650)

US $22.00
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  • The Dainius Pulauskas Sextet is one of the most famous jazz bands in Lithuania. It consists of professional musicians, who made up the nucleus of the "Octava Sound Band" which participated at Varadero-84(Cuba), Pori Jazz-87 (Finland),EXPO-92 (Spain) festivals.
    Since forming the sextet, Pulauskas has become famous as an original improviser, composer and arranger in the fusion and rock-jazz realm. In 1998, the Sextet released an eight-piece album entitled Penetration, followed by album `1999`, released in 1999. The Sextet`s third CD - Autumn Suite, demonstrates the maturity of the musicians as a group. The music is a balanced intermingling of fusion, improvisation and acoustic jazz.
    Performed on acoustic and electronic instruments, Dainius Pulauskas compositions create a contrasting musical space.

    Variety of instruments, original compositions and contrasting moods form a harmonious whole of the project. The project is a fusion of modern jazz, jazz and jazz-rock. This record is known and appreciated in Lithuania, it also has been performed in many countries.
    The musicians have participated in many music festivals: Vilnius Jazz Festivals, Birstonas Jazz Festivals (GRAND PRIX in Birstonas-2000), International Art Festival in Bornholm`93 (Denmark), "Kaamos Jazz"(Finland),"Goetingen Jazz"(Germany), "Kongsberg Jazz"(Norway),"Rive de Gier"(France), Raahe Jazz Festival (Finland), Jazz in Marciac (France), "Willisau Jazz" (Switzerland), "Controindicazioni" (Italy) and others.
    Also, Dainius Pulauskas received BRAVO nomination as the best jazz player in Lithuania in 1998.

  • CD
    Dainius PULAUSKAS - piano, sythesizers
    Valerijus RAMOSKA - trumpet, flugelhorn
    Vytautas LABUTIS - saxes,bass clarinet
    Vladislav BORKOVSKI - bass
    Linas BUDA - drums
    Arkadi GOTESMAN - percussion
  • 1999, P&C Litus Agency

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