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Forest Brothers by Juozas Luksa (SKU #6913)
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  • The account of an anti-soviet Lithuanian freedom fighter, 1944–1948
    An autobiographical account of the armed resistance against the Soviet Union, which took place between 1944–1956. Published in English for the first time in unabridged form, Lukša’s memoir remains one of the few reliable eye-witness accounts of the “Invisible Front”, as dubbed by Soviet security forces.
    At its zenith 28,000 guerilla fighters participated in battles and skirmishes throughout Lithuania, Lukša (partisan codename Daumantas) being one of the leaders. Forest Brothers also documents the role of women in the resistance, giving equal credit to these often silent partners.
    In 1948 Lukša and two comrades broke through the Iron Curtain on the Polish border. He sought training from the French intelligence and from the CIA. Lukša was flown back into the Soviet Union under the radar on the night of October 4, 1950. He managed to survive and operate eleven months until his near capture and death on the night of September 5, 1951. His account, written during 1948–1950, while he was living in hiding in Paris, describes in vivid scenes and dialogue the daily struggles of the resistance.
  • In English, paperback, 420 p.
    50 black and white photos
  • CEU Press, 2009

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