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Namejs Ring (SKU #8549)
US $95.00
Delivered within 2-3 weeks
  • The Namejs has become the legendary Latvian ring. Latvians and friends recognize each other in the world by this one particular piece of jewelry. According to legend, Namejs was the leader of the Semigallian tribes during the early 13th century invasion of Latvia by German crusaders. He was one of the last warriors fighting against foreign occupation at that time. During the battles, Namejs was forced to retreat to Lithuania. Before leaving, Namejs gave his ring to his son with the hope that his son will recognize him upon return. Germans heard about this exchange and began a search for Namejs' son; they wanted to capture the boy and force him to profess Christianity. In an effort to protect Namejs and his son, nearly all Semigallian boys and men made and wore similar rings. As a result, Namejs became the most popular Latvian ring. Latvian people and friends recognize each other around the world by wearing this particular design.

    Another legend states that after a battle lost against German knights, Namejs was forced to retreat to Lithuania together with his family and tribe. There Namejs ordered to make those rings and gave them to his closest people as a symbol of friendship and trust. The four close braids in the design express the solidarity of Latvian nation.

    BalticShop jewelry items are custom hand made to order. There will be a 20% restocking fee assessed on returns.

  • Material: sterling silver, width of braid 1/4”
  • Handmade in Latvia

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